Johnnie's Java Mobile Coffee Catering
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Johnnie's Espresso & Coffee Catering delivers a professional, elegant touch to your special occasion with our attractive, portable espresso bar. We provide the utmost in quality and service for you and your guests as our expert Barista prepare every drink to perfection!

Espresso Bar 
2 hours of unlimited espresso & coffee bar service

Iced Latte   
House blend   Decaf    Flavored coffee   
Hot Tea  
Gourmet hot chocolate  
Chai tea  
Seasonal flavors
(regular, flavored and sugar free flavoring: caramel, hazelnut, vanilla and mocha)

Condiments: cups, sweeteners, half & half and stirrers.   Includes disposable cups. All drinks made to order with a choice of regular or decaffeinated espresso, and 2% or skim milk or soy

Electrical Requirements: (2) 110-volt/20-amp dedicated service

Hot Cocoa Bar

Coffee Station

 Includes our House blend, Decaf, and Flavored coffee.  Condiments: cups, sweeteners, half & half and stirrers.

Smoothie Bar 
Our smoothies are made with 100% organic shake base and fresh fruit. A great hit for adults, teens and children. 

Fruits Flavors:   Strawberry, Orange cream, and Banana

Italian Soda Bar 
Allow non-coffee drinkers at your event to enjoy a fruity beverage.
Italian sodas are available as a separate service or can be combined with espresso service. Includes 5 flavors

       Add Ons

Chocolate Fountains, Pastries
, Italian Ice, Gelato, Continental Breakfast, Wraps, Salads, Lunch Boxes, Cake Pops, Cupcakes

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